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Hello there. I am a homeowner in Texas who just recently bit the bullet and got a standing seam metal roof (24 gauge galvalum, Kynar white). It's shaping up to be a beautiful installation, and my installer is very attentive to detail. I have greatly reduced the number of penetrations but still ended up with 10 of them. Many of them were relocated so they land in the middle of a panel, thus cutting into the seam could be avoided.

The sun here is killing anything, and I am afraid that my EPDM boots won't last as long as they would, say, in a different part of the country. Is there a way to protect them from the UV rays? Perhaps an extra sleeve or a collar? I was also thinking of painting them with exterior latex paint but aren't sure if that's ok. If I get a few years of UV protection out of the latex paint, I wouldn't mind redoing it once in a while.
Also, I have two silicone boots for flue pipes. Do those usually last longer than the EPDM or about the same?

Thanks for any insight you can provide!
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