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I just had my roof replaced through an insurance claim. One of the things the roofer mentioned when they replaced it was that there were too many vents on my vaulted ceiling area (i have soffit vents and a ridge vent, as well there was about 9 vents on the roof itself over the vaulted ceiling). I got the same feedback from a different roofer who quoted.

The day I returned home from work to find the finished product, I saw vents replaced EXACTLY where they were before. When the QC person showed up I mentioned this and he said yes it was odd they did that but the instructions said to replace exactly as before. Questions:

1. Is there any instance where this would make sense to have more than just the ridge/soffit vent strategy with a vaulted ceiling? My ceiling closes off each section between rafters.

2. Am I at any risk having these extra vents?

3. If this is NOT ok, what would be my options to remedy (is it worse to actually try and repair this at this point)? I called the head of the company and he said the qc guy will be out to fix this. I don't see how someone can fix this.

4. Will this affect my warranty with Owen's corning for the shingles?

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