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Oriented strand board is a high-strength environmentally friendly board with a new structure. Under the background of the prominent structural contradiction between wood supply and demand in my country and the prevalence of green environmental protection concepts, oriented strand board has the characteristics of wide material sources, advanced production technology, and excellent mechanical properties. , Has a very wide range of applications in the fields of furniture and interior decoration and architecture.
Features of Oriented Strand Board
1. High yield rate
Compared with other types of wood-based panels, the production rate of oriented strand board is higher, and the oriented strand board produced from small-diameter logs has changed the soft characteristics of small-diameter wood materials, making it a high-quality wood-based board with high strength and good stability. , While improving the utilization rate of wood resources in our country, it also reduces the pressure of the lack of imported log materials.
2. Safety and environmental protection
Isocyanate (MDI) is used in the production process to replace the traditional phenolic resin adhesive. The amount of sizing is small, the formaldehyde emission is low, and it will not harm the environment and human health. It is a safe and environmentally friendly green material. .
3. Superior performance
The physical and mechanical properties of oriented strand board are much better than ordinary particle board, and it mainly has the following characteristics:
(1) Anti-deformation, anti-peeling, anti-warping, uniform strength, dimensional stability, etc.;
(2) Anti-corrosion, mothproof, strong flame retardant ability, can be used in outdoor and high temperature environment;
(3) Good waterproof performance, can be exposed to natural environment and humid conditions for a long time;
(4) It has good machining performance and can be cut, drilled, and planed in any direction;
(5) It has excellent heat insulation and sound insulation effects, and good coating performance.
Three, application
1. Furniture
The excellent physical and mechanical properties of oriented strand board determine that it can be used as the load-bearing part of furniture such as sofas, TV cabinets, bedside tables, tables and chairs, and can also be used in panel furniture to make cabinet partitions, desktop panels, door panels, and so on. In addition, due to the excellent waterproof performance of OSB, it is suitable for relatively humid spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms.
2. Interior decoration
The Treezo oriented strand board is very decorative, and the oriented strand board produced by different tree species can present different textures and colors. Different from the delicate and smooth man-made board, the surface of the oriented strand board has a unique and rough texture due to the vertical and horizontal arrangement of the shavings. As a decorative element, it has a natural and vivid effect when used in interior decoration.
3. Packaging materials
Oriented strand board is an internationally recognized universal inspection-free packaging material. It is superior to solid wood panels in strength and waterproof performance. It is also one of the new packaging materials that the Chinese government encourages to adopt and promote.
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