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I'm getting the roof on my house and garage redone. The house is very old so we had to remove the cedar shake shingles down to the 1x6 boards. We planned to cover the 1by with 7/16 OSB and the garage with 1/2 OSB as needed. The garage has 24inch on center rafters.

They ended up using the 7/16 on the garage and used BOTH thicknesses on the house. From the ground I can see 1/2 inch directly next to 7/16 in a seemingly random patchwork of decking. The contractor said it would absolutely not be a problem. I wouldn't notice it once the shingles were on and it wouldn't effect leaking or ice build-up.

I've done 4 or 5 roofs in my life, so I'm not a professional, but not completely uninformed either.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance. If clarification is needed, of course ask any questions you like.
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