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Snow Apron with asphalt roof

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Hey all, I have a unique situation. I will be replacing my asphalt roof this summer, with asphalt shingles. I currently have 24 solar panels on my roof. Living in Upstate NY means a bunch of snow each winter. Whenever I get snow, it takes usually a few weeks to 2 months for the snow to warm up and slide off the panels and off the roof onto the ground.

I would prefer if the snow would slide off the panels and off the roof within a day or 2. I believe if I used a snow apron(believe that is what it is called) between the panels and edge of asphalt roof, this would cause the snow to come off in days rather than weeks or months. Right now, the snow will start to slide off the panels but when it reaches the 2' of asphalt shingle roof between the panels and the gutter, it stops sliding due to the friction of the shingles.

I'm having trouble determining if a snow apron can be done with asphalt shingles. I can only ever find a snow apron being used with a slate roof.

My question is, can it be done? I've also researched metal to asphalt transitions, but the roof is not 2 different slopes, where you usually see a metal to asphalt transition.

Any help is appreciated.
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