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Hi all

Here is a short article that you might find helpful to read or give to customers

hope this helps someone:)
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The Consequences of a Poor Roofing Job

March 17, 2009 by
M.R. Charette M.R. Charette

It does not serve a homeowner to be penny wise and pound foolish when it comes to installing a new roof. The problems that can arise from a poorly installed roof can seriously affect an owner's pocketbook and even their health.

It is a good idea to inspect your roof (or have a trusted professional) twice a year for potential problems. There are many possible problems that can be caused by a leaky roof. There are just as many reasons why a roof can leak as well.

Weather is the number one culprit of asphalt shingles. The sun and heat can literally bake the shingles right on the roof, aging them prematurely. They will curl and split as a result. Strong winds may pick the edges of shingles which may then allow moisture to eventually find its pathway into the home. Poor installation of shingles and fasteners are another common problem. Many homeowners can trace their leaks to poor and incorrect installation of flashing in valleys and where a roof meets siding. Faulty installation or old rubber boots around vents may lead to problems as well.

These are some of the more common reasons a roof may leak and provide inadequate protection to the house it covers. The consequences of a defective roof can be immense.

Your health may be adversely affected by a leaking roof. Water may get behind drywall, into insulation and possibly pool on flat surfaces such as a top plate. As a result you could have black mold and bacteria growing. You may feel flu like symptoms for weeks and not know why. You may experience respiratory problems and develop allergies. This could go on indefinitely without an owner realizing the correlation between unseen mold and bacteria and a leaky roof. Perhaps an owner may not even realize the roof is leaking.

If the leak is obvious, you could be contacting your home insurer for some repair cash. Your furniture, carpeting, electronics, just about anything a house can contain is fair game to a roof leak. And this does not even begin to cover drywall, paint, insulation and possible structural damage. The hiring of a professional dry Waller, painter, floor or carpet company must be addressed as well.

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What makes them a class above all the other roofing companies out there? To this day, they are still family owned and family operated. Hence the personalized and customer oriented approach we seldom encounter today. Apart from their family oriented atmosphere, and the excellent customer service they provide, they are also market leaders.
In fact, they are highly recommended by roofing manufacturers as they are specifically trained to install a roofing system that is perfect for your home or building. You will never be lacking with regard to the choices that Trident Roofing offers. They have composition shingles, wood, stone coated steel, slate, tile, aluminum, APP modified bitumen, polyvinyl chloride, standing seam metal and thermoplastic polylefin, as choices for their roofing materials.
Trident Roofing is extremely reliable because they specifically mastered the craft of repairing roofs that have suffered damage from tornadoes, disasters, hailstorms and other natural disasters. According to their President, Paul H. Willi, even if you can not see the damage that these elements have done to your roofing, they are there. And they are in the form of miniscule holes that will only make themselves noticeable when they have already caused damage to your roofing and it is already too late.

When it comes to something as important as the roof of your home, you have to make sure you are dealing with experts who know how to prevent and remedy the problems that come with roofing and their materials. It is important the company you are dealing with also sends experts who are Haag Engineering certified, the way Trident Roofing’s professionals are. Haag Engineering specializes in researching and studying hail damage and its effects on your roofs.
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