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Hey everyone!
My name is Mike, I’ve been working under my family roofing business since I was out of high school. The time has come to start my own company. I need some advice on the legality, licensing, and insuring end of it.

Though it would be easy to ask my family how they did it, I fear they’re so old school that their ways are outdated. So I’ve come to ask for advice from you professionals to help me out!

Right now I’m stuck between being a sole proprietor or setting up an LLC. Could someone explain which is better suited? I contract a roofing crew who is licensed and insured. I pay them via 1099. I pay my foremen this way, as well.

That leads to my next question regarding insurance. If my crew has their own insurance, and my foreman are responsible for theirs..what insurance should I get? I hear of roofing companies paying up to 29k a year in insurance. I feel that I would be better suited with a basic general liability plan. I live in New Jersey so I don’t know if they have more strict rules.

I’m 26 years old and still have a ton to learn, so I truly appreciate any responses to this.
Thank you all!
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