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Repariability of Existing Ballast Roof

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Hey there, I'm new to this forum. I'm involved with a job right now regarding repairability of an existing ballast roof. Wind damage to a portion of the roof patched with TPO, now the question is how to repair. The ballast and mod bit is aged and the mod bit appears to be brittle. I'm not 100% confident that partially replacing the roof and patching/adhering to the existing ballast will hold long-term. I've attached some photos for reference.


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The transition from the modbit to TPO will always be a weak point, incompatible chemistry. If the owner/customer is dead set on repair instead of a full replacement, I'd try and negotiate a yearly service deal to keep up on those transitions
SOrry I wasn't clear. The TPO is temporary for now. That will be removed and a ballast installed in that area. But there are concerns regarding the adherence between the to be installed mod bit and existing top layer/ballast roof
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I see. Only advice there is to be careful with how any warranty you give is worded
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