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Prestigious condominium complex goes ‘green’

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Mariners Haven, an exclusive condominium community on the western shores of Georgian Bay has become a trend setter in the move to sustainable living.

Mariners is undergoing one of the most ambitious re-roofing projects in southern Ontario – moving from traditional cedar to a s...ynthetic material made from re-cycled products.

The prime contractor, Jay Carter Roofing, is replacing the aging cedar, on the entire complex, with the increasingly popular product Enviroshake®. Enviroshake is made from 95 percent recycled materials including plastics, fibers, and tire-derived rubber. It has a superior resistance to UV rays and looks like real cedar.
Mariners Haven, originally built by the famous Kaufman family, is a collection of 32 semi-detached homes, built around a private marina basin. The community was conceived and started in the mid 1980s with cedar shake roofs that have begun to deteriorate and must be replaced.

Richard Wilson, president of the Mariners condominium board and an expert in large renovation projects said the original plan was to go back to cedar. “We hired an engineering firm to assess the roofs and to help write the specifications for the replacement. Originally, we were looking at replacement with a better cedar, but Jay Carter came back to us with an alternate proposal – to go with Enviroshake®.

Enviroshake also gets a superior rating from LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – an accreditation system administered by the Canadian Green Building Council to accelerate the transformation to high-performing, healthy green buildings, homes and communities throughout Canada.

The project is well underway and Wilson says the Enviroshake looks great.

“If it hadn’t been for Jay Carter, says Richard Wilson, it’s unlikely we would have considered Enviroshake. His proposal was professional, organized and demonstrated a broad understanding of roofing and roofing products. Now, we’ve got a great solution that is also good for the environment. It’s a win-win.

Lead engineer for R.J. Burnside and Associates, Mina Tesseris – the firm hired to help with the assessment and proposals – is convinced that Mariners “was diligent in making this sound decision”.

“In terms of product, cost and the manufacturer’s warranty,” he said, “this is a very good proposition.”

Tesseris said the condominium will see a major reduction in the lifecycle cost of roof replacement. Compared to cedar, he explained, the condominium corporation has saved itself a lot of money. He added that Enviroshake has also allowed the complex to improve on a number of elements that cedar can’t provide.

Dennis Hewko, president of Enviroshake, explains the merits of the product.

“It looks like No 1. grade, taper-split cedar shake, and carries a lifetime warranty that is non pro-rated and transferrable for up to 50 years. It’s mould, mildew and insect resistant, has a class C fire rating and can withstand the most severe hailstorms imaginable. It’s maintenance free and does not require any treatment or preservatives.

Dennis Hewko also has full confidence that the Mariners project is in good hands.

Explains Hewko: “Jay Carter Roofing has proven itself on large Enviroshake installations, and its reputation for quality and reliability are well known.

“They have developed extensive experience completing complex residential and commercial projects. Their people are given instruction on all types of roofing and the appropriate safety practices. The company’s reputation for superior safety standards, materials and workmanship is hard earned.

“As far as I can see,” says Hewko, “they’re out to set the standard by which other companies are judged.”

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