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Hi, Just wanted to introduce myself to you. I just found this forum and being a former roofing contractor thought I would offer my services to anyone interested in leads.

I offer a pay per call lead generation service. I will supply you calls that are interested in new roof estimates and repairs. I charge only by the call.

FREE LEADS! Ok heres the offer! FREE LEADS for one week! I will let you try out my system and see if it works for you. It takes me a little time to get things set up and running, but it gets better and better.

I could tell you all the tech stuff, but would just bore you. I know as a business person all you care about is estimates, and thats the bottom line, I deliver or I don't get paid.

If after your week you want to stay then we charge per lead. Also if after a week of leads when its time to pay us, if your not satisfied with the leads, then "don't pay me" we will cancel this arrangement and part friends.

I only want a relationship that works for all of us.

Now I can only promote for one person in each Geo targeted area, so if your interested give me a call at 714-386-9943 You may also visit my website at

Happy New Year!
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