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I had my roof reshingled last fall. I took some pictures. Please tell me if there is any way to fix this short of another tear off and a different roofer. The issue is that the guy says he'll come and fix whatever I want, however I don't even want him near my house. Nice enough guy, but I think he got in way over his head. We have a 3 dormer cape cod with a wraparound porch.

I apologize if this isn't the place to come for a professional's opinion, since I realize it's mostly pros talking to pros here. If that's so, please let me know if there's a better place to post. The DYI forum didn't seem appropriate. Thanks.

Pictures here:

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This remeinds me of a lady I was at her house on Friday and she kinda pissed me off when she told me... "Her contractor" was willing to do the job but didn't know how to do the ridges, and would I be willing to come do the ridges when he was done. LOL I said if he can't figure out the ridges then he's not a roofer and if he was going to do the work then why was I here.

She's going to have similiar pictures in a few weeks I bet.

Johnnyvirgil, was this guy the low bidder?

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You can not straighten out the crooked courses, but you can make sure they are fastened properly so there not going to leak or blow off.

Repairing the flashing issues around the dormers would most likely require removing some siding, but the same siding could be reused and you probably could salvage the shingles as well.

The break where it goe's from lower slope to steep,
best scenario is it's simply crooked,
worse scenario, remove 6 courses of shingles,three course from either side of the break point, install metal or ice guard flashing and reinstall shingles.

Eaves, remove six courses high, install new drip and ice guard and than replace the shingles running each course high to allow for the overhang that will be there now.

Ridge vent, re nail any bad areas, most likely won't even have to remove any ridge caps to do it, unless there's not a proper opening in the deck for venting, than would have to pull it all up, cut the deck, than reinstall.

Exposed nails and popped up shingles where the revers gable ridge meets the main house is an easy fix with just a few ridge caps.

To properly repair the roof will be costly, less than a re-roof for sure, but costly just the same.
But, after saying that it still all depends on what's found after you have an experienced roofer up there looking it over really well, there may be issues you have not even found as of yet that will make the roof non-repairable.
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