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Hey, new member here. Honestly I just have one question that I've been searching for an answer to and figured this would be the best place to look.
Has anyone here ever seen or used these double double ended utility razor blades that have a t-shaped head on both ends and the tips of the t is pointy and the underside of the t one each side is the razor part. When dull you take it out the handle and flip over long ways to a fresh identical blade. Has a square hole in the center where the bolt and wing nut can go thru once inserted into the handle. Blades about 3inches long total and handle maybe 5 or 6.. Fixed blade when assembled. Old , very plan steel handle that has a split at the top and square hole in its center to accept the blade and bolt in place.. Best blade I've ever found for cutting thru the backside of shingle. Haven't been able to find for years. Thanks in advance for any info..
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That's the name I could never remember.. I have tried googling every combination of words I could use to describe it and never saw even a mention of it.. only ever sold at one true value location where I've and they stopped stocking them like 15 years ago. Never saw another since ... you sir are my hero. I will include you in every Thanksgiving prayer from now on. That's the big one, the one that thanks..
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