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I recently had my roof replaced with a metal roof 2 years ago. It's a low slope roof, with a single V pitch, that is Ridge vented. I checked on here in the past regarding the venting, and everyone agreed it looked good.

Last summer, I had the outside redone with more insulation, air sealing, siding, etc. Also, at the time, they replaced the eaves, soffit, fascia, and added leaf guards. The ridge vents have adequate airflow.

During our last thaw here in Ontario, I noticed dripping coming from the soffit all along the edge of the house. There wasn't really any snow left on the roof at the time. This was in December after our first melt.

I lifted up the drip edge along the roof and determined that it was coming from underneath the drip edge on top of the old shingled roof underneath. In between the rows of where the strapping sections are, there were ice pellet formations that were melting.

This was where the water was coming from and dripping down between the gutter and the roof deck and frame onto the soffit below. Thankfully, for the most part, it looks like just on the edge. The soffit slopes away from the house. It wasn't substantial, but over time, it definitely wouldn't be good.

The roof contractor took a look at it, and he thinks it's because the drip edge is now too close to the leaf guard. I added some insulation to the attic on one half of the house last year but haven't finished the other side. The attic is blown in and is a pretty decent amount. Both sides of the home exhibit the same issues.

He was able to screw down the frontsides drip edge, but he thinks the backside is too close. He recommended trying heat tracing on the gutters. I thought of this before this even happened because we only have 2 gutters on the whole house.

We just had another melt again, and the same thing happened. This time, it wasn't as bad. I took some pictures this time. I'm still waiting for the eavestrough to come back and take a look. It happened on both sides. Even after the roof contractor screwed down the flashing.

Sorry for the long-winded post, but hopefully, it is clear. I could really use your guys' expert opinions here. Thanks.
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