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Had a new roof installed 4 years ago. Over 22K spent on roof, top of the line shingles ridge vents, gutters ,caps and down spouts.

Skylights which never leaked prior to new roof now leak. I have had the roofer out at least once a year since because of leaks. I can see where small beads of silicone have been added.

After 4 years I finally decided to drag my 67 year old fat behind up onto the roof and what I found is bothering. The back/top of the skylight flange has been bent up, beat to hell and looks like there was never an attempt to seal, reconnect this flange/flashing..I can see how this flange would act as a funnel to direct water over the top of the flashing when the wind was from the west. This fits perfectly with what we are experiencing. Heavy rains usually do not leak but even lighter rains and a strong wind from the west leaks. I have resealed the glass seal, the seams and as I expected this has not made a difference.

I discussed this with the roofer and he is now suggesting to replace two of the skylights. (two of the skylights are over 30 years old, the back two are only a couple yrs old on addition." "Your bill was getting high and I did not want to suggest new skylights at the time, I did not want to upcharge." Quote now is 3,800 for the two fixed non shaded lights.

The bigger concern is that the shingles have faded and the new ones will no longer match. I am also concerned about the new plywood that was replaced at the time. (45 sheets).
I can see ending up replacing the entire front slope of the house. 25 x 55 ft.
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i have seen some interesting custom made flashings. Seems like an easy repair for an expert. I am not.

Additionally, Shingles for being top of the line "do not seem to be holding up as well as I would expect.

Comments would certainly be appreciated.

The Roofer said this thin/very flexible beat to death piece of a aluminum is there to act as a gutter to divert the rain????? It looks like they unfastened this with a crowbar and never tried to reseal.
To clarify the pictures the under surface is white and folds down tight over what appears to be flashing coming up
above the top closest run of shingles. There is also a piece of aluminum which comes down from the low point of the skylight. It is full of old nail holes and it is up above the shingles

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