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Location west Central Florida, re-roof done by local licensed contractor. Louvered fixed vents on a hip roof. The roof vents were installed without the flange exposed at the bottom? Architectural asphalt shingles.

6 Months after the 5 year warranty expired during recent storm, ceiling staining and ceiling fan globe filled with water.

Water flows down between the vents and enters below the shingles. (See photos.) I am not a contractor but i don’t see how this can be an acceptable method of installation, seems to go against basic roofing principles, water enters needs to flow back onto the roof. This active leak just became noticeable after all these years.

From visual observation, most new re-roofs in my area have the same install method for all roof penetrations. Maybe a single vent if cut close and sealed? But this double passive air vent?

Called the “reputable roofing co” Their first response, out of warranty, so sorry.

Shouldn't these have been installed with the lower flange exposed to re-direct water back on to the roof surface?

Any advice will be appreciated on how to proceed with this, which is now an active leak causing damage.


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