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IKO Shingles investigation

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I work for a law firm that is currently investigating IKO Manufacturing for defective roofing shingles. Several people have contacted our office because their shingles are deteriorating, curling, falling off, or experiencing similar problems after just a few years of use, well shorter than the 20+ years warranted.

I am trying to find out if there are any professionals who have seen similar problems with IKO shingles, and if so, what IKO has done to help repair the shingles and the home. Any experience with this problem?
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Every roofing manufacturer has produced bad batches of shingles,
so rather than investigating the company, go back to your reported problems and see which line / brand of IKO your talking about and the time frame in which they were produced.

Than you can ask about a specific shingle, produced during a specific time frame and get some accurate and creditable responses.

I installed roofs on several homes / small business's in the mid to late 90's using IKO products with -o- issues.

I know of at least two fellow roofers in these forums who install them on a regular basis with out issue.

So your search needs to be more specific.
I have only used them one time in 31 years, and that was just recently, due to a partial roof needing a color match, so I only know about the reputation from the past.

But, as Sly stated, there are bad batches from every manufacturer.

What I can tell you, with 100% certainty, is that over 90% of all of the roofs I see done by others, do not even meet 33% of the manufacturers ventilation specifications.

If you want a site with a lot of information, please check out, and the investigators name ends with Friedman I believe.

Also, Ron Hungartner would be a valuable resource. Just google his name and add roofing or Thor Tools to the end of the search query and you will find a load of information.

They are currently making a strong sales penetration push in the Chicago Market.

You legal "Opinion" may be a valuable asset to this forum, if you don't mind providing feedback, which would inevitably aide you in your fuller understandings of the roofing ideology, outside of a WestLaw Search for precedents.

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I was not sure what to expect when I saw the heading, Sly and Ed, Thanks for the straight forward no angle answer.
The more knowledgeable professionals know that no one manufacturer is totally blameless for at least some indiscretions about product cost cutting methods which inevitably provided a lower than desire product to be widely distributed.

Unfortunately for the IKO brand, the prolonged continuation of flooding a market with seemingly lower grade materials from many years past has forced them to carry that perceptive burden.

I know for a fact, that other geographic areas have professionals touting the product as amongst the higher rated products available, such as the Canadian market and the Portland area.

Lawyers get groups of people together then file class action law suits. The manufacturer settles, the lawyer gets 30% maybe a million dollars, of the settlement and the actual defendants each get a hundred bucks if they are lucky. That's something that is very wrong with this country but since the lawyers make the laws, they aint gonna change them.

I'm not a fan of IKO but every manufacturer has had failures. Around here I am seeing ALOT of failures of 10-15 year old organic shingles. The primary failure is actually caused by ventilation problems IMO. And layovers, the lower layer of shingles bakes the top layer from the bottom side.
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