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Hello, I am new here and I am in need of other roofers to discuss some ideas with. They must be reputable, knowledgeable, and well experienced with with insurance claims as well as lead services.

I am looking to develop at least one site that will help homeowners choose among the most qualified roofing companies in their area. This will be much different than most any system I've seen before. It needs to be a for us by us project. I want to run my ideas buy as many as I can as well as see what others might would like to see out there.

If you are always striving to be your beat and provide the best services without trying to just be the lowest or leaving money illegally on the table, I hope that you'll join me in discussion for this marketing venture.

I plan to start development in a couple of weeks with expectations to have the services up and running within 3 months. There will be ongoing development and discussions as we progress and grow. For the near future this will be focused on Roofing and collateral damages only with much emphasis on only full roof projects and not small repairs.


Tim Fisher
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