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Homeowner here who knows nothing about roofing. I just had a new roof put on and they added ridge vents. The roof is steep with a tall attic and currently has continuous soffit vents and 3 gable vents. I questioned the addition of the ridge vents, however all 3 companies that gave us quotes said we needed them. Ridge vents were added at each peak (3 or 4 in total), including over the garage where this is no attic.

Since the new roof was put on and the ridge vents added 3 weeks ago, we've had problems with outdoor odors coming in and high humidity in the house. It feels like outdoor air is being pulled into the house. I live in VA where it's humid this time of year. It's humid inside on both hot and cool days (we've had temps in the 90's and 60's recently so not an issue only when hot). I had our 2 HVAC systems serviced to see if that was the problem and they are running fine.

Thoughts on if the ridge vents could be causing the humidity problems? The HVAC guy said he's never seen holes cut so big for the ridge vents. He admits to not being a roof/ventilation expert, but said he's been in a lot of attics and never seen holes cut so big. I asked the roofer who did the work to come look at the problem and he's coming tomorrow to do an inspection, however he told me the high humidity would have nothing to do with the ridge vents.

Note that we didn't have any issues with humidity, ventilation or anything else with the old roof. I thought ridge vents and gable vents weren't both supposed to be used together? That's my guess on the problem, but wanted to see if anyone had any other advice or tips for me to speak with the roofer about?

Thank you!
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