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Seriously? What TOOLS? Do you have any roofing experience? If not, why would you dream of starting a roofing business? If so, you really don't know what tools you need, wouldn't you be using them already every day?

I suggest forming a S corporation or LLC to protect your personal assets. This can be done by a lawyer, accountant or you can do yourself by visiting your state secretary of state.

You may need licenses, I would ask at your local building departments. They can get you started there in the right direction.

And remember no matter how great a roofer you are technically, that absolutely does not qualify you to run a roofing business in any way shape or form. You've got to learn some hard core business skills that have absolutely nothing to do with roofing.

Finally, never be afraid to make a profit. If you are working on the jobs, pay yourself as a roofer. If you are also selling the jobs, also pay yourself as a salesman, furthermore you are a share holder and as a share holder expect a return on your investment. This share holder profit is true profit and is not a dirty word. Keep your overhead on a short and tight leash, keep the overhead under control and as little as possible but only as much as necessary.
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