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High Interior Humidity After New Roof

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Hello all. I was hoping I could get some thoughts on the high level of humidity in my living space after the installation of a new roof. In the winter, the humidity levels are getting into the 50/60s with heavy condensation on the windows. High humidity during the other seasons too. I reached out to the roofer but I’m not getting much help from them. Any thoughts on what could be causing this?

Additional details... I live in Milwaukee (so the weather can be extreme on both ends) on the top floor of a 4 story/ 4 unit walk up. Other neighbors do not have this issue so to me it seems like there is nowhere for the moisture to escape once it hits my top floor unit. The roof is flat, unvented, and is a TPO roof. I believe the roof is insulated with some sort of “iso“ insulation, but apologies I do not have more info. The building is about 15 years old with a brick exterior. I’ve been told the building is well flashed. I tested the bathroom, kitchen, and dryer vents. They all seem to be working and venting to the exterior. High humidity persists even when I’m out of town so I do not think it’s due to my behaviors. I don’t think there are any leaks in my pipes because I would think I would have noticed at this point.

Thanks in advance.
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