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Just realised i should have introduced my self before posting(sorry ,how rude)
Im Dave and im a roofer working and living in the N/W of England somewhere inbetween Manchester and Liverpool.
Im oridginally from the south of England about 25miles out of London.
I have a small roofing company working with 1/2 other guys helping me, we do mainly slate roofs but also interlocking tiles,plain tiles, flat roofs, upvc Fascia,soffit and gutter replacement, we specialise in lead work(i know you dont use lead very much in the states and use copper instead for flashings).
We (i) have never used shingles , seems tobe a U.S.A thing, they do have them here but its very rare to see.
I was in the States for the first time in March when we went to New York for a week mainly for the St.Patricks day parade, the holiday was great and would like to try other citys.

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Well, Now you have an official welcome Dave.

Nice to get to know you better.

Is there anything you want to know about the Chicago area.

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