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Hello, I am in desperate need of some expert advice on a TPO 6Omil roof I just had installed on my mobile home. I appreciate anyone with experience installing these types of roofs to please comment.

I’m very concerned that there seem to be valleys that are pooling small amounts of water on the outside edges even after it’s been a few days since it has rained. The fabric just seems to sink down in certain areas and doesn’t appear to be stretched tightly at all. It seems maybe they should have done a better job with the foam underneath?

I had also noticed some pooling more towards the center and the installer came out, Put one little piece of foam back underneath it and sealed it back up. It still appears to me that there are valleys where there shouldn’t be. Also, the termination is a bit wonky, not the same distance from the top all the way around but more importantly the corners don’t look to be consistent in how the fabric was placed or attached.

I haven’t made the final payment and I’m really doubting the quality of the job. Should I be this concerned? I look at my neighbors, new roof and the termination bar looks straight and the vinyl looks nice and smooth. Not like mine.

THANK YOU in advance!
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Thank you so much for your reply. They told me that they were using an Underlayment: ISO Tapered System.

I know that they did not replace all of it. They said the foam in the back was still good and they didn’t replace that. That was a miscommunication, and he did say he was going to give me somewhat of a discount for that.

I’m just unsure what to do now. I suspected this was not a quality job, but since I’ve never had this type of roof before it’s all new to me. They want me to take some additional pictures and send to them. Maybe if I reply with some of the noticeable things that you pointed out in your comments, I might be able to get somewhere with them but of course that is uncertain.

I have asked them to replace the entire roof and I don’t think there’s any way they’re going to do that but I guess I have to wonder if I really want them to, not sure if I got a subpar crew or if this is the status quo for them. Lots of untrained workers probably out there right now due to the hurricane mess. I did check reviews before I hired them and they looked OK.

Paperwork says:
-20 year Manufacturer’s Warranty
-10 year Workmanship Guarantee

I can hire a local roof inspector for $250 that will come and assess/review and write a report. I don’t want to spend the extra money but I’m wondering if that might be something that would get me more action from this company?

The Lanai and carport should be installed within a month or two and I really feel like I need to have the roof situation resolved before that happens.

Again thanks so much and if you have any additional feedback, I am more than open to it!

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Thank you for your reply. I spoke to the regional GAF sales/inspection person for the area and was told that I do not have an NDL 20 yr warranty. I do have a materials manufacturer warranty.

I was never offered an NDL warranty from the installer and not exactly sure what it is however he did say it usually costs another $1000 - $2000 more,. If I had that extra warranty he would’ve inspected it. Since I don’t have that type of warranty, they do not inspect. He also did say that pooling on the roof is not always necessarily a problem.

So I guess I will send photos again to the installer and see what else he will do. At this point I just feel it’s sloppy job and they’re just putting patches on. I’ll probably mention to them that I plan to get a certified roof inspection when they’re finished just to make things sure things are right 🤷🏼‍♀️

Thanks for your time.
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