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In the past I wanted to offer health insurance, at that time Wow did I get a high price, I mean double what I am getting quotes for now. So I am going to try to work it into next year's budget since I am getting reasonable quotes BUT I am not going to pay for it 100% out of pocket.

The question is how to split it? My thought is this: Offer a decent PPO plan for individuals. Something in the middle, low co-pay, low deductable, but still keeping it affordable. Then I take that cost and split it 50/50. Anything above that, like spouses or children is 100% the responsibility of the employee.

For example, and these numbers are not accurate, but let's say the policy was $150 per month per employee. I would then pay $75 per employee, and they'd pay $75. Then let's say employee A wanted to add his wife who was another $150. Now employee A would be paying $75 + $150 = $225.

Does this sound reasonable to everyone? If so see my problem below.

Here is another problem. I've only had one job which offered health insurance in my life. At that company I had the unhappy furtune of managing the insurance for a couple of months when the office manager left and the burden/responsibility fell upon my shoulders until the new office manager was hired. At that company everyone was paying the same flat price. I am getting quotes where each employee is actually paying a different monthly premium. So if one guy is payign $400 a month and one guy $100 a month, I don't want to pay $200 for the one guy and only $50 for the other guy. It seems more logical to just say to everyone "I'm giving $x towards your health insurance regardless of your premium."

Everyone started at a HMO and if you wanted to upgrade to a PPO it was your sole responsibility, similiar to what I explained above regarding adding family memebers. However I am being told that can't be done. I am being told it must be HMO or PPO. Ok no big deal, but why the lack of flexibility.

Is anyone offering health insurance with no matching? What do you do for yoru employees who don't want health insurance, perhaps already covered by their spouses policy?

My insurance broker was suggesting I cover the policy 100% on paper, but ask those who are covered to take a reduction in pay instead so we are both paying less taxes.
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