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Happy Friday everyone.
A homeowner here with a question. I would greatly appreciate your time and professional expertise in answering it.

The roof (original was 16 y.o.) was replaced a year ago via the insurance claim. This is Northern Florida.
I did not pay any attention to the spots where 2 roof surfaces intersect, or where stucco/soffit meets the roof (see the pictures), and the contractor did not mention anything to me either.
Now, those gaps may have been there in the original roof, I don't have a way to confirm or deny that, though.
The reason I started to look there is that a family of squirrels moved into my attic, chewed on a couple of wires and some of the outlets stopped working...
And then I saw them squirrels coming in and out from those gaps.
What is the best course of action here, in your opinion?

Is this a roofing issue or a construction/stucco issue?
Thank you in advance for your answers!

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