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I recently sold a job to a young couple. I went out to measure it the week prior and made an appointment to go back on a Monday. They told me they were getting other quotes the previous Saturday.

While I was there measuring I left behind some references and information about choosing a contractor.

When I made my presentation I found out they had already signed a contract with another contractor and then they cancelled it.

After signing with this guy they must have read my information and decided to check up on this guy whom I will refer to as Frankenstein Roofing.

Here’s what they found about Frankenstein Roofing:

  • His license had been revoked
  • His workers comp insurance had been cancelled
  • His suppliers were filing liens for non payment
  • He recently went bankrupt and just started up under another name
  • He had numerous complaints with the BBB
Fortunately this young couple avoided becoming his next victim.

All the more reason we should be confident about our higher prices, we help people to avoid all the problems they will have with a low life roofer.

They ended up going with me even though I had the highest price.

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Good job Jack!

What was the info that you left behind?

Was it specific on how to check up e.i. go online and look at this site or that site?

I am constantly the high price. Some of the prices I see will barely cover materials. I need something to prove to the homeowners that these people are crooks and don't have their best interest in mind.

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I made my own 10 Point Lits for home owners and that, plus some other advisory materials and a local reference list of about 75 homes, plus about 3 pages of customer testimonials gets dropped off during my measurement call.

Last night, I was the 3rd guy to deliver a price.

One guy did a drop off and was several thousand cheaper than me.

Another guys mailed his in.

Mine was delivered in person and we spent about 2 hours going over his photos and my photo album of solutions.

I went over his current incorrect intake ventilation and how he needs more that 4 mushroom vents for his 31 square roof.

Shingle Vent II was included by me. All the other goodies were too, like 6 feet of Ice and Water Shield, etc...

His comment about 2/3rds of the way through, was that he had no idea there were so many options and choices.

He had already pre-concluded that the other 2 estimates offered similar specs, but now realized, after my presentation, that neither of them specifically addressed all the situation I brought up.

He had already eliminated the mailed in bid, because he figured it barely covered the cost of materials alone, let alone the labor.

So, now I have to wait until he goes out of town for the weekend for work and gets back next Tuesday, but I think he learned enough during my visit to make the Right decision.

All those things MUST be pointed out, otherwise you just seem like all of the others out there.

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