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I will post the pic in the last post to a larger size if anyone is interested, There was no way to soffet vent this one either, but it has air flow, the first winter in this house, the builder lived in it and told me he was amazed that there was no ice on the house, you are looking at the north side.

I was searching for some alternatives to a 1969 house (Bangalow style with simple roof) vent with no soffit vents or even possibility. Two years ago I put 2 Maximum Vents (a kind of passive ridge vent that depends on air intake from the soffits), however, a recent clausterphobic visit into the edges of the 3 by 12 sloped roof has led me to discover that there is no access to the soffits; there is a 6 by 2 inch plank blocking any access to the soffits. The problem is that that 6 x 2 is a structural pieces that is against the top edge of the wall. If I were to make a hole in the 6x2, I would also have to go through the top panel covering the side of the house and just below the soffit. If making a hole would lead into the space above the soffit, I would'nt have a problem cutting vents holes, but my problem is that the hole in the 6 x 2 would go through the side of the house. I don't want to destroy walls. I see that you suggested an idea better then edgevent (theives) but that idea never came accross. Can you please email me the pic and any suggestions to [email protected]?

Thank you!
21 - 24 of 24 Posts