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Dallas SubContractor looking for TPO job

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Hello we are located in Dallas. We are a family subcontractor looking for roofing jobs. We do TPO, EPDM, Modified, PVC, Slate, Copper, Concrete and Clay Tile. We have 16 trailers and between 9 to 12 crews, if have any please call me at 214-229-1981 or email me at [email protected]
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Since you are in the Dallas roofing scene I will keep you guys in mind as a sub contractor. We are always looking for other contractors in the the area to work with on larger projects that come our way in the future. Our company is fully staffed at the moment but there are many times the projects we receive, out number the man power our team can deliver so we will definitely keep you in mind for projects down the road. Thanks for the contact. I will definitely hit you up if needed
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