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After my home roofing job was completed, I noticed a valley on the back side of the house looked crooked. I'm attaching an 'after' picture to show the valley. I didn't remember it being crooked before and was able to find a recent (couple months old) 'before' picture to compare with. The roofer indicated the underlying structure was uneven, had a dip in it, and wouldn't have allowed the valley flashing to lay they installed as shown in the after picture.

I'd prefer to see it back to straight the way it was, so have asked them what can be done. As a solution, they are proposing they could remove the lower valley flashing section and do a 'california valley' just for that lower section. Are there any other suggestions for this situation? Any better methods for handling such a dip such that the valley flashing could remain straight and smooth the whole length of the valley?


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