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Hello, I tried again with the google translator been writing.

What gets you in a good roofer in america to pay?

In Germany, gets a good roofer 14-20 € / hour.
deducted minus income tax, pension, health insurance, unemployment insurance, care insurance. He still remains about 55-60%. At 180 hours per month that is at 17 € / h 1800 €.

Costs for the employer:

Hourly pay 14-20 € plus half of the health insurance, plus half of the pension, plus half of the unemployment insurance, plus half of long-term care insurance, plus a complete accident.
The roofers (17 U / h) will cost almost 22 now / h €. These 12 days paid holidays (Christmas, eastern,...) come with 8 hours plus 20-24 paid holidays a year. In case of illness the boss paid for 6 weeks' wages. After 6 weeks, the health insurance at 67%. The boss has all the tools provide. Be paid for overtime (as an extra measure 8/day) must be 25% surcharge for this time or paid vacation time.

Wie ist das in USA ?

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