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Condensation in Ductwork

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Hi - Homeowner in Indiana and desperate for help. House built in 2003, standard 2-story, ridge vent, 2,000sf. Had new roof put on 3 years ago. Following summer during hot, humid weather, I noticed condensation forming on ceiling vents downstairs, but contributed it to weather. Second summer, condensation dripping from ceiling vents, mold spots on garage ceiling following ductwork between floors. Replaced indoor AC unit (outdoor unit not replaced). Last summer, same but worse, mold smell in house, vents dripping. AC and roof guy recommend additional attic ventilation. Installed solar power fan in attic. No change, humidity levels inside during humid weather are in the 70-80%, house won’t cool below about 73 degrees. Added portable air conditioners to all 3 bedrooms upstairs and bought dehumidifier. Dehumidifier helps but dripping condensation continues. AC and roof guys saying they have no idea what’s causing these problems. I had zero issues before the new roof went on. Does anyone have any suggestions on what may be happening or how to fix it? Trying to get ahead of this before summer arrives. Many thanks in advance.
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Did the old roof have ridge vent?
Yes, old roof had ridge vent.
The only thing I can think of is the new ridge vent has a lower CFM and the humid outside air getting pulled into the soffits isn't exiting the ridge as well as before. Or, they put the underlayment over the ridge and forgot to cut it before installing the ridge vent. I've seen this happen.
Thank you for your reply. I can see daylight through the ridge vent, so I believe it was installed correctly. Is there any way the soffits could be blocked?
Possible, but I doubt it since you didn't have the issue before.
Thanks, just a thought since I know very little about roofing systems.
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