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I found an interesting article about a guy who teaches roofers how to get business door to door.

I do it a little differently than this guy does but if you are getting ready to take the winter off because it is so slow give it a try.

I'll share my knowledge with anybody for free.

Check out this article.


I read about Joe Needham earlier today on Marks Construction Marketing Blog and found it an interesting read and followed the link to the guys Canvassing Website.

I was anticipating finding out who Mark was going to follow around, from a previous Blog entry last week, where he mentioned it was someone in the canvassing field.

I figured it was going to be WPC from the CT Forum or Chuck Anton.

The only disappointment I had on this guys website, was that he does not send out newletters about his practices.

Still good knuckles to wood marketing techniques that will never go away.


I was also very interested in Mike Feazel putting so much money into his personal campaign.

I can only imagin that he will re-package the idea and sell it to the RSI members at a premium down the road, if it proves successful.


Brink Roofing
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I'll let ya know Ed. wink wink.
I go to the next expo next week in Norfolk, Virginia.
Mike is a very nice guy. I am one of the smallest fish
in the pond when I go to the expo's, but when I was at the
one in L.A. he actually invited me and my brother to turtle races, at
a local restuarant/bar. It was a riot!
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