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I have looked through alot of the lead gen threads here. Haven't quite found what I can do as I have limited control as a sales person. I can't optimize the website as I don't have a website. What advice would you give to a new sales person who so far has had success with D2D? I am trying to find the next thing I can do to supplement my D2D efforts. I have reached out to a facebook ad manager but it has been a bust due to them not knowing what they are doing. (had UK in his web addresses I am in TX, had Modernwomen-info as his URL...)

Is it wise to try and find a SEO/facebook ad person to generate leads for me? (again have no control over our website)

I have been told mailers are futile. Leave that up to the company not you as a sales person.

The market is extremely good right now. Door knocking has its limitations. What do y'all recommend?

Lastly, what is the best course of action to get in front of commercial roofing clients?
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