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  1. Roofing Material and Products
    Gentleman, I am working with a manufacturer on developing some testing for water absorption into closed cell foam. I have personally seen it in Polyiso, EPS, XPS, and SPUF. I have no documentation of this. Here is what I am looking for. 1. Stories about times where you have encountered this...
  2. Residential Roofing
    I just had my roof replaced. Its been a drought here in Western NY for the last 6 weeks. Sure enough, a few hours after the roofers tore off a section, it started lightly raining. They put the ice and water shield down(stapled it) then the shingles. Came back on day 2....did the same thing and...
  3. Commercial Roofing
    Guys – this is a new one for me: Gravel Surface BUR over a 8” Hallow Core Prestress conceted deck – 24 inch wide panels with 3 hallow cores in each pannel, vapor barrier, iso and cover board all set in hot – about 3 years old. Client has had leaks in one spot where the deck meets the wall for...
1-3 of 3 Results