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  1. General Roofing Discussion
    A local roofing contractor, and at least one YouTube video, nails felt to plywood. And then, peel and stick is applied to the felt. In this case, the roof is tile. The area is hurricane prone and has nearly no chance of freezing. What are the pros and cons to doubling the underlayment with two...
  2. Roofing Material and Products
    Hey guys, im just curious if many guys are using the products like GAF deck armor instead of felt paper? It seems like it would be a good product just want some opinions before I try it.
  3. Residential Roofing
    I'm in need of help! Does anyone have any written guidelines for the type of underlayment that is required for a 10/12-12/12 roof. We are dealing with a insurance company and they are only willing to pay for 15lb. felt. With a 12/12 pitch, we will only use 30lb or greater and prefer to use...
  4. Residential Roofing
    So im having my old roof completely removed and installing a standing seam metal roof 24gauge. I’ve heard two different stories regarding underlayment. The first is run ice and water shield 4 feet up and then use 30 pound felt the rest of the way up the roof, or use ice and water shield on the...
1-4 of 4 Results