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  1. Residential Roofing
    Hi - this is my first post here and I was hoping someone could advise. I have recently moved into a 3 bed semi detached dating from the 1930's, the house is slated in good quality Welsh slates but had no 'breathable' membrane. We have just had the slates removed, a membrane fitted...
  2. Residential Roofing
    Today I just wanted to take a minute and Showcase some of Scott Morrow's work. For those who don't know Scott Morrow Is a Slate and Tile expert Out of Atlanta Georgia, and is better known for his company Scott Morrow Slate & Tile roofing.<br><br> Scott Morrow's company specializes In Slate &...
  3. General Roofing Discussion
    Today we are going to make you aware of what all goes in to the replacing a valley pan on a tile roofing system. Please make sure If you ever need a slate or tile roofing system looked at or repaired, to get a contractor that has a slate and tile experience. That being said, We want to thank...
  4. Residential Roofing
    I just wanted to collect some feedback from other contractors on a popular topic at our company. What is the future of "HIGH END" residential roofing systems ? Synthetic slate/cedar roofing Rubber shingles Slate/Tile roofing Cedar shake & Shingles Metal roofing WHY? and what system would you...
1-4 of 4 Results