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  1. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    I've noticed that after a hailstorm, within a few hours there's virtually a roofing sign in every yard. I'm assuming this is due to canvassing. Please explain to me how to obtain canvassers and have them ready to work at the drop of a pin. Thank you.
  2. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    Good Morning Everyone! I'm new to this platform, and this is my first post. I want advice about how to find an Outside Salesperson or "ally." I have extensive experience in business, 11 years of that in roofing. I moved to Clemmons, NC, earlier this year, and I am putting together a roofing...
  3. General Roofing Discussion
    As some of you recently read, I just hird a new sales guy. He just left the company. I don't really consider it a loss as I have been really thinking the last few days that perhaps I made the wrong decision hiring this person. He had immediate results but was way too "Sales" like a used car...
  4. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    I'm a 40 year career journeyman roofer with 25+ years in the union before my local collapsed (as most have). My objective this season is to go into sales for an established and reputable company. I know the industry well. Very outgoing and personable. Great with customers etc. My question...
  5. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    We're looking for CRM and project management software that is slanted towards contractors/roofers/insurance restoration. Any recommendations?
  6. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    If you are tired of working for tyrant owners or managers that don't support their reps in the field, then you need to give Roof One a call!! We are a top tier roofing company with locations throughout the Midwest and expansion happens here regularly!! We do what we say and we back up our reps...
  7. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    Hello. I am new to the forum and looking for some sales advice. Our company is 100% commercial roofing, 100% hail damage, and 100% insurance work. I am looking for advice from successful commercial roofers who fit the criteria that we do. Is there anything you do marketing wise, besides...
  8. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    Good Morning, As you all know, hiring a new team member consumes time, energy, effort, and most importantly, MONEY! Most of you have done group interviews, used Craigslist to locate candidates, tried Monster or Indeed; but wouldn't it be great if there was a place that did all the work for you...
  9. Residential Roofing
    <P>KANSAS CITY GC HIRING STORMERS - Adjusters, Contractors, Sales professionals. We need guys in KC, St. Louis and elsewhere. We're almost ready to open Tennessee. Aggressive pay plan with 10% O/P. (30-50% of profits based on experience and profit margin) Stormers with experience please</P>
  10. Residential Roofing
    Orlando Group Roofing and General Construction is seeking sales representatives in our Oklahoma City and Missouri offices. Please contact me at [email protected] for more information. Thanks, Robert Ward General Manager Orlando Group
  11. New Member Introductions
    Hi, thanks for making me feel welcomed!  I have 21+ years of combined background in Professional Direct Sales, Customer Service, Insurance Adjusting & Estimating, as well as, Construction, Remodeling & Roofing.  I have worked with companies like Jasper Contractors, United Roofing & Restoration...
  12. General Roofing Discussion
    We are seeking individuals with any type of sales experience to join our team. In the Dallas area. You will be selling roofing products to customers. We will provide a paid training. Pay is from 25% to 50% of total profit of job. Each jobs profit can be from 2k to10k depending on the size of...
  13. Residential Roofing
    Hi my name is Moses and i am going to start selling roofs for a company, of course i will learn along the way but wanted someone to point me in the right direction. Which one is more profitable? If "Storm Chaser" is more profitable what should i need to know? like insurance, customer, if the...
  14. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    We are attending the Home Hardware Tough as Nails Contractors shows next year ( Has anyone attended these in the past or know any other great contractor shows in Canada?
1-14 of 15 Results