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  1. General Roofing Discussion
    Here is the project going on right now that is solving the knee pad problem for everyone. The problem isn't the pads themselves, its the knee pads slipping down. This product shows the full suppport for people who need to keep their knee's healthy and still have their knee pad preference. KP...
  2. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    Workplace safety is mandatory for businesses all over the world, to ensure that all the employees are healthy, and work in safer and hygienic environment. No matter which level of work they are into, whether entry level works or managerial jobs, many of them many of them will have dangers and...
  3. Roofing Safety
    So we're trying to further our Crane Safety program as much as we can since it never fails that guys are standing directly under a load wearing no hard hat. They don't seem to be concerned one bit that a thousand pound load is over their heads. Thus, we are refining things a little bit and...
  4. Roofing Safety
    <P>Hey team,</P> <P>Thinking of some new procedures and what not for our roofers that would help protect the company and give the job foremen a binder that contains all pertinent information in the event of an incident or OSHA inspection</P> <P>1. Foremen job binder would contain:</P> <P>Summary...
  5. Roofing Safety
    Need info safety guys... With warning lines, I know the OSHA requirements state that when a worker is performing roofing work outside the lines that they must be protected by another form of fall protection which in our case is a safety monitor. However, what if we have all workers within...
  6. General Roofing Discussion
    Have You Ever Been Hit BY OSHA? List Your Fines or Warnings - :thumbdown:
  7. Roofing Safety
    The purpose of this thread is two-fold. First, I would like to share the safety talks that I write for roofing industry (Free - No strings). They can be found at and can be translated on that site into a number of different languages. Second, I would like you (as...
1-7 of 7 Results