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  1. General Roofing Discussion
    We have built a cedar shingle roof and have three hips which meet at one point (see sketch). We will be installing hip/ridge shingles along all three junctions, but are unsure how to seal the point (ridge) where they all meet. Ideally we would like to mitre the three ridge tiles together where...
  2. Roofing Material and Products
    I have a job that has bats exiting the attic in a gap between the warped/lifted ridge vent and the asphalt shingles. I can get the bats out, that's not a problem. What I need though, is some advice on a sealant that I can use to "caulk" the gap between the plastic ridge vent edge and the...
  3. General Roofing Discussion
    My roof has been redone before I moved in and the new roof was done with a ridge vent and the old gable vents were left. I had to install baffles to keep the insulation from blocking the soffit space on one side of the roof. Unfortunately the other side has blocking between all rafter/truss...
1-3 of 3 Results