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  1. Residential Roofing
    Hope everyone is having a great week...<br><br>So, I've got a 12,200 sqft project coming up. It's in a very high-visibility area of town and I really want to cover all our bases. <br><br>Fines, etc suck. :)<br><br>It's 3 story, predominate pitch is only a 6/12. Approx 30 sq is modified bit. We...
  2. General Roofing Discussion
    Here is the project going on right now that is solving the knee pad problem for everyone. The problem isn't the pads themselves, its the knee pads slipping down. This product shows the full suppport for people who need to keep their knee's healthy and still have their knee pad preference. KP...
  3. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    We're looking for CRM and project management software that is slanted towards contractors/roofers/insurance restoration. Any recommendations?
  4. Commercial Roofing
    How does a commercial roofer bid or simply perform a roof removal on a multi story (ie. 8-10+) building? If a crane is not able to stock the roof or help set up chutes...what are the options? There was a discussion of a high rise roof removal earlier...and I couldn't help but wonder how the...
1-4 of 4 Results