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  1. General Roofing Discussion
    A well trained, OSHA certified roofing crew appears to be nonexistent. Does anyone else have issues with their roofing crews not wanting to wear harnesses and not wanting to tie off with their fall protection equipment? I would like to know how other roofing companies are finding certified...
  2. Roofing Safety
    Had an OSHA inspector stop by one of our sites the other day, however as far as we have heard, he did not 'check in' with anyone else on the site, other than to peek out of a window, and ask one of our guys "HEY, are you tied off?!" which he was. Don't they have a responsibility to check in...
  3. Roofing Safety
    <P><P>Hello,</P></P> <P><P>I started with my company in early August, In my second week I received a call from an OSHA officer describing a citation that my company received in mid-june.&nbsp; In his phone call, he described a worker that unhooked himself from his safety rope to go run a chalk...
1-3 of 4 Results