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  1. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    Huizhou Jiahe Industry is mainly produce various polyester roofing membrane, it widely used in roof cool process and has an advanatge of high strength, good performance, eco friendly and anti corrosion. If any one have interests, please free to contact me. Ms Red Peng, 86-13352624838, mail...
  2. Residential Roofing
    Huizhou Jiahe Industry is mainly producing polyester stitchbond nonwoven waterproof roofing membrane. This fabric has an advantage of high strength, good performance and eco friendly. We normally used a 2.5OZ, 1mwidth fabric for cool roofing. Any one have interests, please free to contact me. My...
  3. Commercial Roofing
    I'm looking for a shingle print single ply roofing membrane. I know IB has one and Duro-Last has one called shingle ply which I'm very familiar with but I was just wondering if anyone knows of another company such as GAF offers a shingle look membrane?
  4. Commercial Roofing
    We are going to be doing a repair job on a roof that currently has an EPDM membrane that we are having trouble identifying. I have attached a photo of the front and back of the membrane and am hoping that someone may be able to tell me what brand of membrane it is. Thank you for your help...
1-4 of 4 Results