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  1. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    I have looked through alot of the lead gen threads here. Haven't quite found what I can do as I have limited control as a sales person. I can't optimize the website as I don't have a website. What advice would you give to a new sales person who so far has had success with D2D? I am trying to...
  2. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    I was wondering if anyone has used a certain website to view the path of hail, size of hail, etc that overlayers on a map? I am trying to set up a system where I can view hail path/hits in a certain area and then pull phone numbers to call and try and set up roof inspections. This leads me to...
  3. Residential Roofing
    What percentage of your business is from hail? Have you seen hail continue to increase or drop off? In Georgia we've seen hail spike within the last few years, but there hasn't been as much hail in recent years. It seems like some of the business has dried up and some people reroofed early...
  4. General Roofing Discussion
    I live in the Wylie area and saw small hail here early this morning. Anybody have more input on what came through the Dfw area last night?
  5. General Roofing Discussion
    ****Update 1/16/2012: HailStrike is now available on the PC! visit for more info. Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know about the new iPhone app called HailStrike. It is a free download in the app store that is fully functional, but requires a subscription for recent data. It...
1-5 of 6 Results