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  1. General Roofing Discussion
    I've installed a new gutter on a two tier metal roof, where the upper roof used to drip noisily with an 8ft drop onto the lower roof (and splash to rot the siding). The roofing material is Metal Sales Pro-Panel II from Lowes which has a 40 year finish warranty, and the installation is about 10...
  2. General Roofing Discussion
    Since joining this forum/message board, my curiosity sparked… We do different aspects to drive traffic to our website, one of them being Google AdWords. It works very well for us. We have all our bases covered in that regard. I also manage all the search engine optimization, social, graphic...
  3. Residential Roofing
    We are not roofers, but we know gutters like no body's business. This is something I just posted on our website's blog (interesting how my friend, who is mechanically inclined, had no clue why those pesky "brackets" were there for - he complained to me because he's jammed his fingers on them)...
  4. General Roofing Discussion
    Here's the latest blog entry to our site: I took a few creative liberties and decided to call anything that grows out from gutters, gutter salad. What kind of dressing would you like?
  5. General Roofing Discussion
    Hey there, as roofers, do you encounter customers who ask you to fix their gutters? I just wrote a press release for our blog that I think you can use as information in regards to gutters for your customers. Check it out: Kind regards, Ernesto
  6. Commercial Roofing
    Which manufacture has the best gutter coil for the money?
  7. Residential Roofing
    Do you see any issues with this installation? Homeowner is complaining of water behind gutters and took these photos. Sorry, these images take a minute or two to load. Click the links: [img=]...
  8. General Roofing Discussion
    I am doing a job and need to find a source for a radius gutter, any advice ? I have searched the web with no luck. I am in columbus ohio
1-8 of 8 Results