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  1. General Roofing Discussion
    GAF Energy has launched a new solar roof system called Timberline Solar™ that promises to take solar roof technology into the future. Unlike every other solar roof system currently on the market, Timberline Solar™ manages to directly integrate solar technology into traditional roofing processes...
  2. Commercial Roofing
    I have around 2000 of the GAF standing seam profiles in my warehouse. They were over ordered for a job about 3 years ago and I need to liquidate them to free up some inventory dollars. If anyone is interested please let me know. At this point we would be willing to entertain any reasonable...
  3. General Roofing Discussion
    Hello, I have a project I need to order our for Saturday. He decided (his wife) to change the color to driftwood from shakewood. The gentleman in question already is under contract and has 383ft of hip/ridge. Timbertex price would scare the baby jesus out of him. I need to find a 3 tab color...
1-3 of 3 Results