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  1. Residential Roofing
    When HVAC cuts a hole in the roof for their vent what is the industry standard of how big the hole can or should be? Do shingle manufacturers have a spec on how large this can be?
  2. Roofing Material and Products
    I never liked the no-caulk pipe flashing. The rubber dries out and becomes brittle. In my years of roofing I've seen countless flashings leave gaps in between the pipe and the rubber. Has anyone seen or used this flashing? It's hard to tell from the images if it looks...
  3. Roofing Material and Products What do you guys think of this? They're claiming it's a flashing cement that can be used for "permanent repairs". Does this stuff work?
  4. Residential Roofing
    HI all I am currently 2/3rds done a private re-roof. and have a few questions - thanks I am finished the upper roof *which had one skylight,and the homeowner had a new velux flashing kit, usually i cut my own frontpan and step it then back pan. the kit did not come with counterflashing. should...
  5. Commercial Roofing
    Does anyone a link derailing an effective flashing for the junctions of clay coping times and vertical masonry structures such as these chimneys?
  6. General Roofing Discussion
    We have built a cedar shingle roof and have three hips which meet at one point (see sketch). We will be installing hip/ridge shingles along all three junctions, but are unsure how to seal the point (ridge) where they all meet. Ideally we would like to mitre the three ridge tiles together where...
  7. General Roofing Discussion
    Hi, I penetrate a lot of Modbit roofs with standoffs for solar arrays. The standoffs are 1 1/4" steel pipe, and they meet the roof at a steel flange that is about 4" square and 3/8" tall. For structural stability, I cut away a square of existing felts all the way down to the deck, sometimes...
1-7 of 7 Results