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  1. General Roofing Discussion
    Our GC is doing a new roof shingles for our house remodel/extension. This part here where it connects the old and new area of the house, he said it is a “roof valley” and should not have shingles. It looks pretty ugly and not sure if it is enough water protection without the shingles. We can...
  2. General Roofing Discussion
    I recently recieved a list of expired and expiring warranties on commercial roofs put on by other roofers. Some of them have been expired over 10 years. The list has literally everything.. business name/address, cutomer name/address, phone numbers, material used, original roofer, date put on...
  3. Residential Roofing
    Hi all - Some advice needed on oceanfront roofing in a harsh area. This is for a home in New England. It's directly on the coast, sitting in the open air, above rocks. In fact, on a day with high surf, you can watch the salty spray wash up over the existing house -- which is about to be demo'd...
  4. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    Goodmorning,I am a roofing contractor from Ontario Canada.I recently decided to not do installations anymore,my knees and back have had it.I no longer cherished the idea of working for myself,depending on guys and collecting money has given me major frustration. I found a roofing company to do...
  5. General Roofing Discussion
    Hi all, I'm a solar/electrical contractor, the nature of my work means I penetrate roofs with conduits a lot. I've picked up a few things here and there, but I'm not a roofing expert by any means. I just finished reading the Manual of Low-Slope Roofing Systems, and it was pretty useful for...
  6. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    It seems that this site is chock full of well experienced,seasoned, computer savvy people.In which I am not,when it comes to web design,seo,etc..Would anyone be interested in looking at my site either from the back end or whatever and give me their thoughts on how to optimize or suggestions on...
  7. General Roofing Discussion
    I'm dealing with a HO that is behind on his mortgage, and Wells Fargo is on his checks. WF sent me a bunch of paper work to fill out, which I've done. My concern is being paid at all, I have heard to be very careful when dealing with this from other contractors. any advice would be appreciated.
  8. General Roofing Discussion
    <P><P>Looking for&nbsp;an all-in-one&nbsp;software, customer management, estimating, etc.&nbsp; Any ideas???&nbsp; Currently working with Dataforma for workflow and customer management and excel spreadsheets for estimating.&nbsp; </P></P>
1-8 of 8 Results