BOSTITCH Twin Blade Knife 10-501

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BOSTITCH Twin Blade Knife 10-501

This knife is a must-have for roofers. You can put a straight blade in one slot, and a hook blade in the other slot; plus, you have a "pouch" to put extras of each type of blade so that you're never short of needed blades, and neither is the guy you're working beside (as you can provide for him, too!).

Very easy to use. It's extremely helpful for roofers, and you're constantly switching between hook and straight blades.

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  • Thumb_73f087a4
    roofrinsFebruary 22, 20145

    A Must-Have for Roofers

    This is the best knife I've ever had. It's very useful for roofers, who always need to switch between straight blades and hook blades. It even has a "pouch" built into the knife to store spare blades. Both replacing the blades, and getting a spare blade out, are a breeze. Somebody "thought" before making this product!

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    • easily change blades
    • easily access storage
    • access straight and hook blade
    • good design
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