Roof Repair - Miami Springs

September 20, 2012
Miami Springs,Fl. 33166
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At Roofer Mike Inc we do a lot of tile roof repair in Miami, FL. The owner of this home wanted us to "save" his roof which had four leaking valleys with major damage to the decking and structure. The 30" eaves were collapsing under the weight of the stucco fascia and soffit because the structure was GONE.

This large Altusa Clay Spanish S Tile Roof was in otherwise good condition We determined that the roof was salvageable as the valleys constituted less than 20 % of the total square footage. We removed tile from one area to use at the more visible sections since matching Altusa Clay is impossible. They are notorious for changing profiles.

The owner was delighted with the "turnkey", like-we-were-never-there appearance. His review can be seen on our Testimonials Page .


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