Roofing Talk - Professional Roofing Contractors Forum - Forum Rules
Roofing Talk - Professional Roofing Contractors Forum Rules
The following is a list of basic guidelines about what is and is not allowed while posting on These rules are in addition to what is listed in our Terms Of Service and Advertising Rules. Please read through all of these sections before using our site and contact us if you have questions.

  1. Users shall treat each other with respect at all times on RoofingTalk. Name calling, personal attacks, or other inappropriate behavior will not be allowed and may cause your account to be banned.

  2. As stated in our Advertising Rules, you may not post advertisements on our site unless you're a local contracting professional displaying your business info. Members who try to sell products and/or services to contracting professionals will have their accounts revoked.

  3. No p*rnographic material, links to p*rnographic material, or any form of nudity may be posted on this site. In addition to nudity, all forms of sexual content (images, jokes, etc...) are prohibited from being posted on this site as well.

  4. Profanity shall be kept to a minimum.

  5. You may only post material and content that you own. Posting copyrighted material, trademarks, and other violations of the DMCA is prohibited.

  6. How-To Questions: is a site for professional contractors to come and share business and trade knowledge. From time to time everyone runs into new situations that theyíve never seen before or that they need help with. While itís fine for members to ask for help itís not OK for members to ask how-to questions when they are clearly in over their head or donít have the experience needed to complete the task. How-To threads will be closed on a case by case basis.
These community rules may be altered at anytime without notice so please check this page often. Thanks.

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