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How to purchase General Liability Insurance for your roofing business

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How to purchase General Liability Insurance for your roofing business

How to purchase General Liability Insurance
for your roofing business

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Insurance in roofing is usually your third largest cost next to labor and material sold in your roofing business. It is worth your time to shop for price, but also have the quality of the policy considered into your decision making process. Most general liability insurance policies are issued from Non-Admitted Carriers. This means the companies themselves are not backed up from other insurance companies in the states they write business. This being said, non-admitted carriers are allowed to write their own policies which are called Manuscript Policies. This means there are no rules in what you have to cover and what you can deny.

Below are some common exclusions in Manuscript Policies:

1. Uninsured subcontractor work

Is the number 1 exclusion for roofing policies. When you sign your application for your policy, there is almost always a questions asking that you require certificates of insurance from the parties you subcontract work to naming you as an additional insured and held harmless. This means before someone comes on the job that you obtain a certificate of insurance from their insurance carrier stating that your company is name as additional insured on their insurance policy. If this is not obtained and there is a claim arising from their work, your policy will not respond. At this point, you will have to pay for your own defense costs as well as any damages from the liability lawsuit.

2. Work above 3 stories

This is very self explanatory. If you do work that is above 3 stories, no coverage will be afforded for your work. Your claim will be denied.

3. Work with heating equipment

If you heat anything to adhere materials to a roof and you have this exclusion, your claim will be denied.

4. Work On Airports, Hospitals, Apartment Buildings and Condo Associations

Any work performed on these type of business operations are specifically denied.

5. Open roof water damage

If you leave a roof open or your tarp comes off and water gets in the building, your claim will be denied.

6. Completed Operations/Ongoing Operation

Many policies exclude coverage for completed operations (after the project is over) and ongoing operations (claims made during the construction process) for residential dwellings. This is complex and should be looked into depending on your state and the type of project you are working on.

These are just a few of the exclusions you might find in any insurance policy. Some of these exclusions you might decide you can live with in return for savings in your premium; however, some can be disastrous and can totally negate your policy. When you make your final decision, you will want to know what you are buying and weigh the value of one insurance policy versus another. This is what you hire a professional agent for, but you should have the basic knowledge to allow you to make an intelligent decision about coverage options.

John M Brown

Email: [email protected]

750 N Franklin #208
Chicago, IL 60654
(866) 225-1950


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Re: How to purchase General Liability Insurance for your roofing business


I spoke to one of your agents today. I am looking forward to your quote.
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Re: How to purchase General Liability Insurance for your roofing business

Good information. Thank you.
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